Ron and Patty Thomas have been photographers for decades.

Ron started his career in 1980, and Patty in 1989. Ron actually got Patty started in photography! He didn't start her out on a 35mm camera, but started her out on a 4x5 large format camera! It is a wonder that she stayed with photography, after just trying to set up the camera. It takes over thirteen steps to just set it up to shoot. She must have really enjoyed photography, because it certainly wasn't the camera itself that she loved.

They have shot with large format cameras, as well as medium format and digital, and have traveled around the United States over and over again, hunting for the right shots.

Their New England Autumn shots are some of their favorite, and also a good portion of their portfolio. They live in California so another large part of their portfolio represents their home state, in all it's wonderful seasons! Yes, California does have seasons, it even has an autumn season!

A lot of the images in this portfolio are scanned images from 8x10 and 4x5 film. Others are smaller format like 6x7 and digital.

They currently are represented by two agencies: Getty Images and Istock Photo.
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We hope you enjoy the quality of all these images.